FLOPS 2020 Accepted Papers

Antonio Bucciarelli, Delia Kesner, Andrés Ezequiel Viso and Alejandro Rios
The Bang Calculus Revisited
Oleg Kiselyov and Keigo Imai
Session Types without Sophistry (System Description)
Shin-Cheng Mu and Tsung-Ju Chiang
Deriving Monadic Quicksort (Declarative Pearl)
Emmanuel Hainry, Damiano Mazza and Romain Péchoux
Polynomial time over the reals with parsimony
Beniamino Accattoli and Alejandro Díaz-Caro
The Distributive λ-Calculus (Functional Pearl)
Kenji Saotome, Koji Nakazawa and Daisuke Kimura
Restriction on cut in cyclic proof system for symbolic heaps
Kanae Tsushima, Bách Nguyễn Trọng, Robert Glück and Zhenjiang Hu
An efficient composition of bidirectional programs by memoization and lazy update
Benjamin Mourad and Matteo Cimini
Lang-n-Change -- A Tool for Transforming Languages (System Description)
Oliver Westphal and Janis Voigtländer
Implementing, and Keeping in Check, a DSL Used in E-Learning
Matteo Cimini
On the Effectiveness of Higher-Order Logic Programming in Language-Oriented Programming
Rui Okura and Yukiyoshi Kameyama
Language-Integrated Query with Nested Data Structures and Grouping